Our range of First Aid Charts cover a wide variety of First Aid related situations that may occur in your home or office .

We recommend you download the appropriate First Aid Charts suitable to your environment as they are an excellent reference tool if a First Aid situation is required.

Simply click on the Download chart links, this will open a file you can download onto your computer

Anaphlaxis is a severe allergic reaction
Download Anaphylaxis chart

Asthma can be mild,  moderate or severe
The aim for all burns is to stop the burning process by cooling and covering the burn

Triple Zero (000) is the emergency response number
Download Calling for help chart

The Chain of survival helps to remember what to do in an emergency

There are a range of illness' related to chest pain

Download Chest pain chart

There are many hazards around the home for children
Ensure you are aware of the range of Child illnesses
Working with children you should be aware of these indicators
Remember DRSABCD when commencing CPR

Basic hygiene is a simple way to control infection

Download Infection control chart

Contact the Poison Information centre 131126
For all seizures provide safety and protect from injury
Different first aid may be required for different spiders
Signs and Symptoms are different for people affected by Drugs