What's the world coming to?

Are we as first aiders worried about been sued. Well it's a question often asked at first aid classes. In fact, it's often the first question a first aider wants to know.
One of the most talked about subjects in first aid circles is litigation. Can I be sued? This article is not intended to be definitive legal advice as each case will always depend on the facts of the matter.
There is a distinction between being sued and being liable. Being sued is the actual process of being taken to court. That may happen even if there is no chance of success. The real question that we are interested in, as first aiders, is will they succeed?
The term reasonable care will be quoted in the court. Although any first aid manual does not dictate what is reasonable, any deviation from it, if it can be justified, will not automatically be unreasonable. In other words, the court would look at the first aid book, to see what should have done and rule on it in regard to the circumstances of the case.
Also, it does not matter if you have a first aid certificate. The court will rule on what a person who has the same amount of experience and training would have done.
It should be remembered that despite the mysterious nature of the law and legal process, the law still remains an issue based on common sense. Whilst every situation can not be covered, it is the view of all teaching organisations, and legal advice, that it is unlikely that you could be sued for carrying out first aid. remote.
There has been no case in Australia, where a person who rendered first aid has been sued. The policies of any first aid manual, covers material authorised by the Australian Resuscitation Council and approved by the Work Cover Authority.
It is the advice of all teaching organisations, that provided the first aider acts within the boundaries of first aid, that it is very unlikely that they would be sued.
We encourage you to use your knowledge to help the casualties  that are sick or injured. So the most important aspect of first aid, is being taught by those experienced in practical first aid. For information concerning  accredited first aid courses phone 07 54388888 or visit our First Aid Sunshine Coast office

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