With the current flu epidemic on the Gold Coast it is important now more than ever to stay healthy and steer clear of those people who are suffering from Colds and Flu symptoms.

However what happens if you are the one treating those people with flu like symptoms.

After completing some research online as to Why Doctors and Nurses do not get sick here are some good reasons on how you can avoid Colds and Flu this Sunshine Coast winter season

Rethink that extra drink. 

You don't have to skip that glass of wine with dinner; just think twice before you down the whole bottle. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, studies have shown that too much alcohol will suppress the immune system and can reduce the ability of white blood cells to effectively kill bacteria—so you'd be wise to stick to the recommended one drink per day for women. Alcohol is also dehydrating and can disrupt your sleep—two more ways to lower your defence. 

Steer clear of sugar

Try and resist reaching for that soft drink or chocolate treat during cold and flu season. That's because, like alcohol, sugar inhibits white blood cells from engulfing bacteria and viruses. Not to mention you will also be limiting your calories

Wash everything you touch

When's the last time you washed your washing machine? Bacteria likes warm, dark, and moist places, so your washing machine could harbor germs, especially over time. Advice such as two tablespoons of white vinegar where the detergent usually goes, and run the "clean" cycle, will certainly help. Now consider everything else you touch.... mobile phones, remote controls, kids toys- so it goes without saying that washing your hands regularly will also assist

Do you bite your nails?

Unless you're constantly washing your hands (and your phone and your keyboard), your fingers are probably covered in germs that can infect your portal entries, like your eyes, nose, and throat. Germs build up underneath your nails, and biting them is a surefire way to let bacteria into your body,

Get some fresh air even when it's freezing out.

One reason we get sick when it's colder is because we're sharing more inside air. "It's not like when you're on Noosa beach and everyone has their own space. Medical professionals recommend just opening a window or, better yet, walking out your front door (just be sure to bundle up)


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